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Charlotte Roof Cleaning
Roof Cleaning Charlotte

Roof Cleaning Charlotte, NC

Curb Appeal Crews roof cleaning process is gentle, while strong enough to remove all the black stains (gloeocapsa magma aka algae) and dirt without damage to your home. Our softwash process makes it look new again. This increases curb appeal (thats our name!) and prolongs the life of your roof while keeping your gutters clean and clog free.

A clean roof is a large part of your homes exterior looking its best. Let the professionals at Curb Appeal Crew come out and help make your house look new again. The CAC Guarantee. Your 100% satisfied or your money back.

Learn more about professional exterior window cleaning for Charlotte NC-area homes, businesses, and communities.

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Protect Your Roof From Common Contaminants

Our team at Curb Appeal Crew completes routine pressure washing cleaning and care to stave off natural pollutants which can be visible to the naked eye, but that also penetrate underneath the surface of your roof, such as:


When algae form and remain on roofs, it can eat away the innards and loosen the shingles. Curb Appeal Crew will effectively remove algae from all roof materials.


Do you have moss on your roof? If you continue to allow moss to grow, moss roots will reach inside and hurt your shingles. Curb Appeal Crew will remove the moss so you can avoid shingle damage.


Lichen consists of algae and fungus. While it doesn’t retain moisture, it is an acidic substance that will damage your roof shingles. Please don’t wait until it is too late; talk to our crew today so we can help you get a handle on this insidious issue.

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Power washing the roof

Why Us?

If you are like most homeowners, you may be considering cleaning your own roof. It seems like it would be simple enough to climb up to the roof and start scrubbing, right? Well, not quite. Roof cleaning is a delicate process that should be handled by a professional.

Curb Appeal Crew is a top rated professional surface cleaning company in the Charlotte area and we have the equipment and know how to clean your roof so you don’t have to.

No need to worry when the Curb Appeal Crew is on the job!


Cleaning & Washing

What We Do


Soft pressure washing services are necessary if you want a spotless home. Our washers from Curb Appeal Crew use soft pressure washing to cleanse your home’s surfaces, driveways, patios, sidewalks, etc. We always use the best equipment and the most advanced chemicals. We will keep your home refreshed and protect your home or small business from whatever mother nature hurls at it.



Hard surfaces like your walkway, driveway, patio, or garage must be left up to experts like Curb Appeal Crew to clean. Our crew only used the best exterior surface cleaning equipment and chemicals to make your residences, municipal buildings, or small businesses look spotless. We will have your property looking flawless and new while clearing the grime, mold, and mildew, so you can unwind and enjoy your home or property.



Wouldn’t it be nice to always have brand new-looking windows? Curb Appeal Crew uses water-fed poles to clean and safeguard all your windows. Spotless windows are essential to show that you care about your community or business. So, if you want your windows to look immaculate, get a cleaning with Curb Appeal Crew today, serving the Charlotte area.



Your roof will collect black streaks over time. When you hire our team at Curb Appeal Crew, we will clean your roof to look immaculate. We use a soft power washing process to clean and sanitize your tiles and shingles properly. Call us now to schedule your upcoming roof washing – we will be standing by, and we look forward to cleaning your roof.