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What is Soft Washing?

Soft washing is a specialized cleaning method that requires specialized equipment. Plus, we use our own specialized cleaning solutions in the constant fight against mildew, bacteria, algae and other organic stains on roofs, building exteriors and property features that inevitably crop up here in humid North Carolina. In addition to cleaning off these tenacious agents, our cleaning techniques help stave off future growth. The professionals at Curb Appeal Crew will get the job done right – the CAC difference. 

Soft Power Washing Versus Pressure Power Washing

Soft pressure washing requires different, although similar, tools and equipment compared to power pressure washing. The specialized equipment applies the solution at 40-80 psi (pounds per square inch) vs pressure or power washing (2000-4000 psi). The equipment CAC uses has special, state of the art handles so the cleaning solution can easily reach roof eaves, upper stories and other areas without added pressure.

Let Us Fight the Humidity For You – Schedule a Regular Appointment for Exterior Cleaning

The hot and humid Carolina climate attracts mildew and mold. If you don’t clean your house’s exterior regularly, nature will take over and the structure can deteriorate. Mildew and mold, once it gets hold, can damage your paint. Proper cleaning can prolong and preserve the structure, improve curb appeal, increase your own enjoyment of the property, and rid the house exterior of insect debris, eggs, and cobwebs. 

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Which Surfaces Work Best with Soft Washing?

Anytime wear and tear from pressure are a concern, we will opt to use a soft cleaning process instead of power pressure washing. While we always assess your property on a case-by-case basis, here is a list of common surfaces for which we generally choose soft power washing:

Shingled Roofs

Stucko Exteriors

Brick Exteriors

Commercial Building Exteriors

Playground Equipment Sanitization

Asphalt Driveways (Asphalt / Concrete)

Concrete Driveways




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If you are the type of person who likes to have a meticulously clean home, boy do we have the service for you. Pressure Washing is primarily used to clean your homes surfaces, driveways, patios, sidewalks, etc. Curb Appeal Crew uses specialized equipment and a technique known as soft power washing to clean the rest of your home. This keeps it cleaner longer and protects your home or small business from whatever mother nature tries to throw at it.



When you want to clean those hard surfaces on and around your home – like your walkway, driveway, patio, deck and so much more – call us. Curb Appeal Crew uses state of the art exterior surface cleaning equipment and techniques to make your home or small business look like new again. We can get your property looking clean and fresh while removing the grime, mold and mildew so that you can just relax and enjoy your home or property.



Curb Appeal Crew uses water fed poles to clean and protect your home or small businesses windows. Let the light in! Having clean windows shows you care about your home or small business. It is the little details that make the difference. Let us help you get that “new again” look and feel to your home or small business. Call for window washing services today.



Those dirty black streaks, AKA gloecapsa magma, can build up over time. Let the professionals at Curb Appeal Crew safely clean your roof, making it look like new again. We use a soft power washing process to ensure that we safely clean your roof tiles or shingles. Call today to schedule your next roof washing – we are standing by and look forward to hearing from you.