Charlotte Surface Washing

Charlotte Surface Washing
Exterior Surface Washing

Exterior Surface Washing Charlotte, NC

Why clean your driveway, patio or sidewalk? Because it will look better than your neighbors. You want to increase CURB APPEAL without spending an arm and a leg. It’s annoying to see it dirty or unkempt, as we see our patios, driveways and sidewalks everyday.

Whatever your reason for wanting to clean your driveway, you’re in the right place. Surface washing can be tedious and frustrating if you aren’t experienced, so let Curb Appeal Crew remove the mildew, grime and dirt to return your property to its former glory and increase your home’s appeal.

As a professional and expert surface washing company in Charlotte, we would love to come give you a fast and affordable quote.

Learn more about roof cleaning for the Charlotte NC area.

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Why Hire Professional Exterior Surface Cleaners?

We will apply the right equipment to the right surfaces for the best possible cleaning outcomes for your home, business, or organization.

Surface washing can be a pain during the best of circumstances. First you either need to buy or borrow the equipment from someone, you need to have the knowledge of how to properly clean, and it takes up your valuable time. 

The Curb Appeal Crew are highly respected professionals and expert cleaners in the Charlotte area. You can rest easy knowing we will properly take care of your home. 

What Kinds of Properties Do We Surface Clean?

In addition to working on individual properties, we can work with you to meet the surface cleaning needs for:

– Apartment complexes

– Government complexes

– Retirement homes

– Public park facilities

– Recreational facilities

– Schools

– And more!

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Pressure washing Huntersville NC

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What We Do


Everybody wants a spotless home. Soft power washing guarantees that your home will look brand-new after cleaning. Our experts from Curb Appeal Crew use pressure washing to purify your house’s surfaces, driveways, patios, sidewalks, garages, etc. We utilize specialized equipment and a process known as soft power washing to clean the rest of your home. Soft power washing keeps your home pristine and protects your home or small business from daily weather occurrences.



The hard surfaces like your walkway, driveway, patio, deck, and garage are sometimes too much for one person to clean. When you hire experts like Curb Appeal Crew, we use the highest grades of surface cleaning equipment and techniques to revitalize your homes, shopping centers, and small businesses. Our experts will make the surfaces of your home look pristine by removing grime, dirt, and mold – ensuring not only the beauty of your home, but safety as well..



Curb Appeal Crew utilizes the most efficient water-fed pole system to protect the windows of your residence, small business, or shopping center. Any building needs clean windows to show you care about your business or community. We will do a terrific job in keeping your property’s windows bright and polished, ensuring thorough cleaning of your windows, window sills, and screens. If you care about the state of your home or business, call our window washing experts today.



Are you looking for a reliable one-stop shop to boost your home’s curb appeal? Let the experts at Curb Appeal Crew safely cleanse your roof, making it look beautiful. Roof coatings, shingles & tile are what we do best. Our team utilizes a soft power washing process that ensure we can safely clean your roof tiles and shingles without distress from the cleaning itself. Call today to schedule your upcoming roof washing or set a regular schedule – we are standing by and look forward to improving your curb appeal.