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Charlotte Window Cleaning

Charlotte Window Cleaning

Should I have my windows cleaned? Do your windows ever fog up? Do you have kids? My kids love to leave fingerprints and streaks all over our windows and doors.

Windows are made of multiple layers of glass that protect your home or business from UV rays, heat and other elements. When dirt stays on the window surface for too long, it can cause damage to the window. By having your windows cleaned regularly, your can prevent this damage.

The beauty you see from the outside of your home, and sights you enjoy from the inside, are largely affected by whether or not your windows are clean. Ensuring windows are free from fingerprints and grime will enhance your homes distinctive design and have a greater impression on guests and neighbors. Curb Appeal!

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Let the professionals at Curb Appeal Crew get the job done right. We offer a la carte packages or annual cleaning. Set it and forget it. We use state of the art water fed poles to ensure a proper clean every time. The CAC Guarantee. YOU will be satisfied or your money back.

How We Proceed with Window Cleaning

Our team at Curb Appeal Crew uses soft washing because it combines very effective but safe detergent agents with low-pressure water to clean your windows. Here is how we cleanse your windows:

We Prep the Area For Soft Washing

We will remove any items near the site to prevent damage.

Conduct an Onsite Window Assessment

We will inspect the windows for any signs of wear, such as:

– Cracks in glass 

– Cracks on window seals

– Chips in the paint

Even with a low-pressure cleaning method, we make sure to address these issues before soft washing. 

Apply the Cleaning Chemicals

Here at Curb Appeal Crew, we use the highest quality chemicals. Our team will pour the cleaning solution on your glass surface. The cleaning solution will sit for a few minutes to loosen up all the dirt, dust, and debris on the glass surface. 

Why Work with Soft Washing Experts?

We use the best soft wash system to rinse off the cleaning solution from your glass. Our team ensures to keep the water pressure at 500 PSI to clean the surface effectively. We have the best-trained team to take all necessary safety precautions.

Experienced Residential Window Cleaners

We have a lot of experience working on residential properties and treat each home with care and respect during the cleaning process. Enjoy your home more when you can look onto the world from a nice clean window!

Experienced Commercial Window Cleaners

We take our work seriously – we are here to help your business look its best. It’s always important to make a great first impression. Call us to arrange for a commercial quote today. We can also clean your windows on a regular schedule – particularly important for retail establishments.

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Cleaning & Washing

What We Do


If you want a spotless home, you must invest in a pressure washing service. Our experts from Curb Appeal Crew use soft pressure washing to cleanse your home’s surfaces, driveways, patios, sidewalks, etc. We utilize top-grade equipment, the most refined chemicals,  and a procedure known as soft power washing to clean your house. Soft power washing keeps your home squeaky-clean and protects your home or small business from whatever mother nature hurls at it.



Hard surfaces like your walkway, driveway, patio, or garage are best left up to experts like Curb Appeal Crew to clean. We only use state-of-the-art exterior surface cleaning equipment and chemicals to make your residences, municipal buildings, or small businesses look reinvigorated. We can get your property looking immaculate and refreshed while clearing the grime, mold, and mildew so that you can relax and enjoy your home or property.



Wouldn’t it be nice to see sparkling windows when you drive to your property? Curb Appeal Crew uses water-fed poles for cleaning up and protecting all your windows. Clean windows are necessary to show that you care about your community or business. So, if you want your windows to look spotless, get a window cleaning with Curb Appeal Crew today in Charlotte.



Your roof will accumulate black streaks over time. Let our team at Curb Appeal Crew clean your roof so that it will look immaculate. We utilize a soft power washing process to ensure that we cleanse your roof tiles and shingles. Call us now to schedule your upcoming roof washing – we are standing by and look forward to cleaning your roof.