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Window Cleaning Before Thanksgiving Dinner

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Fall comes with lots of changes, some welcome and some not. Autumn can be hard on our windows with all the natural and human activity. New breezes blow dust and debris against our homes as the weather changes. Falling leaves and dying plants present new sources of natural waste that end up on our windowsills and screens. And fall brings the harvest, which produces airborne dust and plant particles that eventually find their way to our windowpanes.

Autumn also brings one of America’s most significant family holidays, and if you are hosting a Thanksgiving dinner this year, now is a great time to clean your home’s windows. A professional pressure washing will remove the unsightly buildup of dirt and debris accumulated over the fall and throughout the year. There is nothing like clean, clear windows to present a picture-perfect atmosphere to your holiday guests.

Tips For Pressure Washing Services: Window Cleaning

Save on Energy

The benefits of window pressure washing are not only cosmetic. As dirt and debris buildup on windows, sunlight is blocked from entering the home. While that may seem an attractive scenario for the warmer months, as temperatures drop during the fall, the greater the role sunlight can play in our homes’ comfort level. Strategically opening the curtains on sunlight-facing windows during the day can significantly reduce heating energy costs during colder weather. Mother Nature can help relieve some of those heating bills with clean windows.

Prevent Damage

In addition to the cosmetic and energy-saving benefits of clean windows, professional pressure washing also protects your investment. Dirt and mud left on windows for long periods can lead to discoloration of the outer panes. Not to mention the damage such buildup can cause to the seals around the frames, letting in air and water, leading to higher energy expenses and damage to walls and floors. A regular window cleaning schedule should be a part of every homeowner’s maintenance plan.

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With all the time you put into preparing the perfect Thanksgiving Dinner and holiday family get-together, leave the window cleaning to Hunterville’s premier pressure washing cvompany. Curb Appeal Crew will have your windows looking as good as new, and your home will be the pride of your neighborhood. Contact us today at 704-792-6741 to find out how easy it is to get your home’s windows ready for the holidays.