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Pressure Washing in Lake Norman, NC

We wouldn't exist without YOU. Our priority is you, and we will provide top-of-the-line exterior cleaning.

Do you have a second home by Lake Norman, NC, that also needs to be cleaned? Have both a home and a business that needs service? We are totally flexible.


We are an established local company providing power washing in Lake Norman, NC. We are passionate about the work we do. We get up every day eager to help your home or business location look "new and fresh." Customer service is at the heart of our business. We provide our customers with outside cleaning services to provide the exterior cleaning solutions our customers need. We offer a 100% money-back guarantee in the event that we fail to give you the WOW factor.

After we meet our customers’ needs, we aren't done. In fact 3 percent of each task we complete is put into a separate bank account and is given to our neighborhood charitable organization Bags of Hope that focuses on providing meals on weekends for children in schools who suffer from food insecurity.

For every 100 jobs we complete the team picks a small business or home to clean at no cost. Service to our communities is the heartbeat of Curb Appeal.

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Lake Norman Pressure Washing FAQs

Most frequent questions and answers about pressure washing in Lake Norman, North Carolina.
Raises Your Property’s Value

If you’ve got a well-maintained property, beyond maintaining the value, it helps in increasing the value.

Raises Your Neighbors’ Property Value

Your neighbors will be impressed by the beauty of your freshly washed home. And, even better, they’ll also enjoy increased house values, helping improve the wealth of communities across generations.

Makes the Property Look Fresh and New

If you employ outside house washing you will enjoy the pleasure of a clean and refreshed look for your home.

Increases Interest from Other People

If the outside of your home is nice, it gives people the impression that the interior must appear just as nice, too.

Safety Level Rises

The home you live in is your protected area. When you provide your home with an extensive exterior clean you reduce the dangers that could be caused by the development of mildew, mold and other harmful organisms. They can be harmful to your as well as your family’s health, which is why removing them promptly is vital.

In addition to the dangers to your health, these types of growth can be detrimental to your home. When you eliminate them, you’re making preventative steps for your property. We can also set up the regular schedule of cleaning that you can follow, so that you can ‘set it and forget it.’

In fact, we provide power washing services to the greater Lake Norman area, contributing to the community through the provision of service.

Stops Deterioration

There are many elements that contribute to the degrading of your home’s exterior appearance. You’re dealing with all sorts of elements to consider, including weather and other natural events which can cause problems.

By cleaning your exterior areas, you can stop the depreciation of your home. If you regularly clean your exterior then you won’t need to invest more time and resources to fix what’s broken or damaged.

Curb appeal refers to how the appearance of a property looks to the public. It is a factor that is crucial for all homeowners, not only those who want to sell their properties. It is also very important for business looking to make a good impression with potential future customers.

A Princeton study observed that people get impressions of people and objects in a fraction of a second and that the initial impressions may be extremely difficult to change over time.

Impress your guests by using professional exterior surface cleaning.

Our skilled team of cleaning technicians offers a variety of cleaning solutions to satisfy every home or small business owner’s requirements.

In addition to washing exterior surfaces, we can also provide roof cleaning and window washing. Contact us to request a quote now. We are looking forward to serving you.

Soft washing makes use of gentle applications of biodegradable cleaners, allowing algae and dirt to be removed from your home or office outside without the need of an intense power wash in and of itself. Soft washing is usually included under the general service of power washing due to the equipment that is used for these similar cleaning procedures.

Our state-of-the-art soft power washing system makes use of low pressure that effectively and safely cleans the exterior of your building or home and other elements of your home as required.

Our products not only cleanse but also shield you from the future build-up of dirt, grime, as well as organic growth.